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About the castle

The dominant of Trenčín and whole Middle-Váh-Valley (Považie) keeps guard over the old mercantile routes connecting the Mediterranean area with the Baltic and North Europe.

On the locality of today´s castle was built a bulwark in the times of Great Moravia, serving as a community centre. Contemporary castle arose in the 11th century as a borderland stronghold watching important Váh fords and Carpathian passes, through which there led mercantile routes, merging the territory of Northern Hungary and Middle-Slovak mining towns with Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Poland. In the next centuries it became the domicile of borderland commitat, royal and later aristocratic county.

Today there are installed exhibition rooms and many Museum´s expositions inside the castle.


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The Museum of Trencin
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Trencin Castle
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Opening hours:
All year around (except for Monday):
9:00 – 16:00 hod.

Entrance fee:
Adults: 0,99 € / 30,- Sk
Children, students, pensioners: 0,49 € / 15,- Sk

Virtual tour

Virtual tour Visit our virtual tour of the Trenčín castle and exhibits in the museum.