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Matthew´s Tower

Matúš´s TowerThe oldest building of habitable and defensive type in the castle is a capital tower (bergfrid; donjon), usually called Matúš´s Tower (Matthias´s Tower).

It was built by the end of the 11th century in Romanesque style and in about 1270 it was built round by a brick cloak and arranged in Gothic style.

As a tradition says, the fourth Tower´s floor used to be a workroom of Matúš Čák of Trenčín and here is in fact placed not a large exposition dedicated to this controversial figure of our history. On separate storeys we can find target rifles from the 19th century displayed and there are chronologically assorted the Trenčín Castle owners´ escutcheons, placed upon the walls. The toppest storey of the Tower offers a unique view over a greater part of Middle-Váh-Valley.


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