Barbora´s Palace

Barbora´s PalaceSigismund of Luxembourg let this palace build for his second wife Barbora of Celj in about 1430.

To build it up, they utilised an older part of bulwark and the outer wall of Matúš´s Palace, to which they annexed other stone walls. Inside the old part a visitor can see original windows with preserved Gothic frescos from the 13th century.

First of the rooms, the Knight Hall, is the largest one at the same time. The Hall had the ceiling adorned by a lunette vault in the 16th century, of which today there are only remainders. Another rooms used to serve as living-rooms (one was a wardrobe and the other one Barbora´s bedroom). A staircase and draw wooden door of the bedroom would join this room to the Castle´s basement. Inside there were placed food and wine storerooms and a black kitchen.

The palace used to be an edifice for representations. At present times it is being employed for occasional exhibitions and weddings.